Wednesday, November 7, 2012



So last week, Jimmy and I were locked up in my house due to Hurricane Sandy with almost no power. But, just cause Halloween was dampened by the weather didn't mean that I was about to let the festivities slip through my fingers! 
So I took it upon myself to have as productive of a Halloween as we possibly could under the circumstances, and all in all had a very spooky holiday indeed! 

We kicked off the weekend with a Halloween overload, stocking up on movies and treats that were sure to get us in the mood, and it totally worked! Do you think I went a little overboard? (: NEVER!!

Count Chocula, Halloween Captain Crunch, Pumpkin Pillsbury cookies, Yakisoba Spicy Chicken, butterfingers shaped like pumpkins, and 2 packs of spooky White and Hot Chocolate! The perfect recipe for the evening!!

The Halloween Captain Crunch was actually a total surprise and was something that I didn't even know existed till I stumbled upon it at the store!! It's apparently a limited edition cereal with little berry-flavored ghosts that turn your milk green (and very green at that)!! Soo cool and yes, I'm totally keeping the box!

Yakisoba, for those of you so unaware of its eternal glory, is a microwave version of ramen noodles that come in a variety of awesome seasonings! Spicy Chicken is Jimmy and mine's personal favorite, and is recommended highly to all Ramen lovers, college dormers, and hot sauce addicts like my boyfriend and myself (: Trust me, I have never heard of this stuff until a little while ago, but it is one of my most guilty pleasures and will be yours too!

I also picked out quite a few of my favorite horror movies to get the night rolling out of my very proud horror movie "collection". I absolutely LOVE old horror movies, or horror in general, but have a particular passion for collecting them on VHS tapes, (one day I will make a post of my collection)!
Most of my dvd finds, and all of my VHS finds, are from flea markets and thrift stores that I've stumbled upon at random, and usually always make out like a bandit! (Howling II was $3.49 at the goodwill, and Army of Darkness and Nightmare was $0.50 each at the flea market!!)

I got these awesome string lights with little glass ghosts at the store for real cheap, and they were a great illumination of the room during our horror marathon! (when we had power that is)

I also used this lime green skull-head nail polish I picked up at hottopic and used black to give a spooky slime effect as opposed to doing a blood drip design. I think they came out pretty good for being done in the dark!

My friend was also kind enough to lend me a book on Halloween folklore and its history, so I spent some time during the week reading spooky stories and sharing them with Jimmy by flashlight!

I have a bunch of pictures and photography from the weekend before the storm, when Jimmy and I just spent the whole day outside with my camera and some hot lattes, so a sort of "photo diary" of my fall / Halloween festivities is in the making! 

What did you guys do for Halloween? I'd love to hear about it!!
- Jill

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