Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY Halloween Goodie Bags

So I made some Halloween goodie bags for my friends last week! I thought they came out so cute that I thought I'd share them with you!

I love making small gifts, and usually when any holiday comes around my friends and I all gift each other little presents! Usually, for every holiday, I gift in decorative Chinese takeout boxes that most craft stores carry year round decorated for the season! I think they're so great and unique, and my friends really love how cute they are!

Last year, for Christmas I did my first takeout gift boxes, and filled them with small DIY's I made for my friends, which I usually make personalized for each person, so they're fun for me to make and for them as well! But I usually try to include a few small gifts and one main one, and last years gift was a DIY Voodoo Doll zombie keychain that my sister is amazing at making!

They are so cute and adorable and unique, we've been thinking about selling them online! She doesn't just make zombies, she's made countless different devilish creatures, all personalized and unique! A post will defiantly be coming soon on my sisters creations!

I did a lot of candy shopping looking for the perfect and cute additives to put in the gift boxes, and in my search I found this!! Its called zombie food, and each treat on the inside is a different zombified body part, in molded chocolate!! It's incredibly detailed candy, and totally delicious! Oh, and did I mention that the oozy caramel on the inside is dyed red for blood? Perfect Halloween goodie!

I also found a pair of 6 chocolate pops at the dollar store that I used! 3 were these adorable little owls and the others were skeleton faces! They were so adorable, I totally had to add them!!

I also picked up a bag of 4 little eyeball bubbles! I also got a bag of 4 pumpkin bubbles as well! A dollar a pack! I also snagged that skeleton hello kitty tin case in the background for my friend who LOVES hello kitty, and the inside is full of sour orange bones! To the right of that is a bat PEZ dispenser for my friend who collects them!

And, to the inside, I just added small pieces of a halloween-ish fabric I had lying around to line the inside, and added individualized Toe Tag name cards that I picked up 6 for $1 at Spirit Halloween!

All in all they turned out great! My friends loved the small gifts and personalized items I put inside each! I really enjoy gifting like this, especially with the takeout boxes! And each box, with contents, only cost me about 5 bucks a person! I'm already planning my Christmas gifts now!!

Hope this gives you guys some out of the box ideas for gifting friends for a low cost, but still shows that there was time a creativity into the making of a gift! A post of my sisters Voodoo Doll Designs coming soon and my christmas gift boxes!!

- Jill

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