Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Hell Studded Boots

So a while ago, my cousin sent me these really sweet Docs she had lying around. I already have a pair of plain black ones, so I decided this pair needed something more. I've been meaning to buy a pair of studded boots for a while, but having a chance to DIY my own pair is a million times cooler.

Now, I know that studding is a pretty simple DIY for most, BUT I thought posting this DIY would be beneficial to those who never studded leather before. When I started DIYing my own stuff, (mind you I was young) it was impossible for me to find the right tutorials on how to do things, and had to self teach myself with a lot of trial and error.

AND SO - here we go - real easy. You only need 4 things.

- leather boots (preferably ones you've already worn in or RIPPED TO HELL)
pliers or a flat head screwdriver (I found the flat head works the best and keeps the studs tighter)
an Xacto knife (or any knife really)
- and a skull full of studs and spikes!!!

okay.. so the skull is optional.. 
but makes the ritual of studding that much more unholy and rotten!!
note: listening to Midnight whilst studding is not optional \m/

Ok, so first, mark how far apart your cuts should be by imprinting the prongs of the stud on your boot

Next, you wanna stab that sucker. Keep piercing it till you got your incisions exactly where you want the stud to go. Who gives a shit if you fuck up, the only people who will see it up close are the fuckers you'll be curb stomping after the show!!

Then slip it in... ohh yeahh *Kool-aid man*..

And secure it with the pliers or whatever your using. 

NOTE: you wanna make sure you push the prongs in really tight otherwise you'll get loose studs. You also wanna make sure that the point of the prong is facing as inward as possible so it doesn't scratch you open when you put your foot in it.

Then stud up whatever your design is and maybe you'll get this:


 I used cone studs for my boots because I bought a bag of 100 a while ago and needed to use them up on something. I really wanted to use different kinds of spikes and mix pyramids and flat cones and stuff but I had neither the time or money to do any of that.  Also, I only put 3 on the back of each because I thought it would look too symmetrical to the front and figured they'd get in the way.
 I'm extremely clumsy and would probably hurt myself with any other kind of stud, so it worked out, but spikes or any kind of stud, mixing and matching would also look killer for this DIY. Maybe I'll add some when I get my hands on them..

I hope that this was useful or at least entertaining for some! I plan on posting a lot more of hopefully more intricate DIY's but I figured this would be a really great start. Let me know your thoughts or any other DIY ideas you may want me to do! 



  1. I absolutely love those boots! So cool! Studs are definitely one of my favorite things.

  2. Thank you so much! I'm so excited how they turned out. Everything is better with studs and spikes(: