Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Samhain list

I don't know bout you guys, but I am so stoked for Halloween! Fuzy sweaters, pumpkin lattes at Dunkin, horror movie marathons, playing with the giant Wolfman robot at Spirits, what more can I ask for? A lot.

SO! In honor of my favorite festive season, I've come up with my hit list of things to do this month, which I'm so excited about! I already did quite a few things on my list, but that doesn't mean I'm stopping there! Hopefully this list will give you guys some ideas to make your Halloween spooktacular! Let me know what you guys are doing to Celebrate the season!

  1. Buy some flannel and thick sweaters
  2. Buy another knitted hat
  3. Finish studding my boots 
  4. Bake pumpkin cupcakes
  5. Scary movie marathon
  6. Halloween recipes
  7. Bonfire with hot cocoa
  8. Pumpkin picking
  9. Carve pumpkins
  10. Get some cider donuts at the orchard
  11. Visit New Hope
  12. Go to Chiller Theater
  13. Go to the Witches Ball
  14. Go to Fright Fest
  15. Go to Headless Horseman
  16. Make a Halloween Wreath
  17. Buy some horror books
  18. Scooby doo Marathon
  19. See Frankenstien / Bride of Frankenstien in theaters
  20. Watch Elvira Mistress of the Dark
  21. Take full advantage of Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin everything
So happy that I've been on top of my list this year, its been so much fun. I'll probably be adding much more to this list, but pictures will be coming soon! 

Till then,
"Unpleasant Dreams Darlings..."

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