Sunday, January 13, 2013

Song Favorites 1/13

I've had a new out look on music over the last year, I used to be really fed up and picky with my music, or with everything actually.. but over the last year I stopped judging to fast because it always kept me from great music that I actually really dig now. Embarrassing, but yes, I WAS WRONG and am now obsessed with almost every band I said I HATED before. 

And anyway, here are a few bands I've been loving recently ranging from heavy metal, to hair metal, and some rock and punk shit: SKID ROW, BLACK N' BLUE, ACDC, METALLICA, PRETTY RECKLES, LUNA CHICKS all great songs and awesome music videos! I'm okay now that my taste in music involves different styles, and im freaking loving it so if you were like me and picky and quick to judge your music for no reason - take my word and get over it because your only hurting yourself for being closed minded about something your seriously going to love! Enjoy! - Jill

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