Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 dream board

I feel a change coming on.. feeling kinda different lately, I don't know if its the weather or the phase of the moon, or the wind of a new year, but I feel change rising inside me and I'm not gonna try and stop it. It's been so nice not being involved in classes right now, I've had a lot of nice down time to just relax and brain storm and create. I've also been doing a lot of reorganizing, a lot of throwing shit away without trying to replace it. It's a nice feeling.

And anyway, I've been on a creative streak and I'm really liking my flow of things. I have another tutorial I'm gonna try posting soon, and possibly some recipes and pictures I'm gonna try and upload.

Also, Jimmy's spent a lot of time writing music, I love watching his creative flow. He always says he needs lyrics to his songs and wants me to write them, and this time I think I will. There's been a lot that has been inspiring me lately, and I think it will be nice to see how our creativity blends together (:

I didn't make a New Years resolution list, its always made of a bunch of empty promises that you only wind up disappointing yourself with. So instead I made a sort of dream board, and wrote out the things I want the New Year to bring, so if they don't happen, I won't be too disappointed. Also, they're less stressful and demanding than a resolution list, it inspires more than it directs. Does that make sense?

Try making one for you too, to bring in to yourself the new year!


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