Sunday, November 18, 2012


So this week I took one step out of the stone age, and into the world of SMART PHONES!! That's right, I finally dumped my envy-2 for a brand new Galaxy Nexus!! So sleek and gorgeous, and purchased all on my own! (so proud..)

And with the beauty that is my new phone, I was blessed from valhalla with the perfect gift - INSTAGRAM!


So amazing, I can't handle my excitement.

Only problem is I have no idea how to work my new phone, so Jimmy has been re configuring all of my settings to make it pretty an awesome! Once I'm up and running though, this blog is gonna be outa sight!! (phone may be new school, but my lingo is still old school..)

Anyway, hope you all had an awesome weekend. I racked up some serious cash in tips from work but blew it all on cheesecake factory, gas, and new phone expenses ): WORTH IT!

But now I guess its back to school work, and spending 5 hours with Jimmy in Panera Bread trying to finish it.. (thats worth it too).

How has your week been?
- Jill

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