Thursday, September 20, 2012

Witching hour

This weekend I went to the flea market by my house and  FOUND a few (beginner) books on Wicca and Witchcraft!! So exciting and unintentional - its like they came to me!!

I've been dying to get my hands on these books forever, and finally they are mine! The first (blue) book on the left is called "To Ride a Silver Broomstick", and the tremendous red one on the right is "The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the Solitary Witch" - both by Silver Ravenwolf.

I've been wanting "Solitary Witch" for a while, just because it has everything and anything you need to know about magick and is put in a way that it is easy for beginners to understand. HOWEVER- I have not started to read it through because I want to finish "To Ride a Silver Broomstick", which I highly recommend to any beginner! I am so inlove with it, I take it everywhere!

Also, I didn't intend on buying "Silver Broomstick" as my first Witchy book, because I wanted to collect books from a variety of authors with different opinions and outlooks, but finding it among strange cooking books and old history texts at the market seemed like a calling sign to me. Now, it's my favorite thing ever (and for $4, it was a steal)!!!

For those of you interested in any of these books, I personally think Silver Ravenwolf is such a relate-able author, and knowledgeable about what information is key for people who are just starting out, and what information could be left to read at a later date. She also includes recommended readings at the end of each chapter and includes small activities to get you started on your own BOS, which sounds corny, but in all honesty, (I find) the exercises really help your growth not only as a witch, but as a person as well.

Also, my other Witchy friend shared with me a few books from her collection as well, one of them being yet another Silver Ravenwolf book, (I promise, she hasn't hired me to do this LOL) called "Halloween". It's a really cute book all about the history of the holiday, including different religions, symbols, myths, and also a bunch of spells, recipes, crafts, and rituals to celebrate with! Such a great book, that I need in my life D: !!

Hopefully some of this information is helpful for any of you who are thinking of or already have chosen this kind of path for your life. And if it's not and was a waste of your time reading this, me sowwy!!

If you are a practicing witch, beginner, or even someone (like me) who is meddling in the teachings of magick, contact me! :D I'd love to meet other Witches and Wiccans or anyone dipping their feet in the water! Even if your not into the craft, I'd like to talk to you too!  :D

Till next time,

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