Sunday, August 25, 2013

DIY Pentacle wall hang

HAY ERYBODY! I've been meaning to post this for a while, sorry for the delay, but I've actually had this awesome shit hanging in my room since the beginning of the year and I seriously love it more and more every day!! 
This DIY is super easy and awesome and was dirt cheap to make. I saw something similar on pinterest a while back and put my own spin on it to make it super freaky awesome! The original was a white star with white lights but I decided to paint it black for 2 reasons, one: the black paint hides the ugly green wire of the lights while a lighter paint would make it obvious, and 2: black is just my fucking style. Instead of while lights I dug through my Halloween decor and found these awesome purple lights , even though they appear as pink in the photo.. But really u can do any color combination between the paint and lights and make it or own!! Just be mind full that u may see the wire color if u decide to go with a lighter paint color....

Okay enough b.s u literally need next to nothing to do this project, I think it cost me 10 bucks total for everything (aside from the lights which u may have already in a holiday box or can buy for under 5$..)
You'll need: 5 yard sticks (I got mine 60¢ each at home depot) black paint, and some kind of industrial glue, and lights..

FIRST THING you wanna do is arrange the sticks in the shape of a star, making sure that each stick is overlapping and underlapping (is that a word?) the other sticks so it lays as flat as possible on the wall. Once you arrange them, glue the pieces together (yes its that difficult!)
Make sure to give the glue time to dry! If you pick it up to early like I did the whole fucking thing falls apart, or worse, falls apart once u already set it up on the wall! Put some crap on it to weigh the sticks down so it sets the glue better, and WAIT TILL ITS DRY! all you impatient bitches..

THEN once its all dry and glued solid, paint over it. DON'T PAINT IT FIRST AND THEN GLUE cause the paint is gonna cover up the glue marks. Originally I was going to spray paint it but since the sticks I got had a lacquer on them it slid right off, plus the spray paint was to thin to cover up the etching marks on the sticks and the glue, so try to use a thick acrylic paint (which is cheap as shit compared to the sprays) and cover the glue good!

Now - Look at that shit! It's a fuckin' masterpiece and looks brutal as hell. Now you could either leave it like that, tie some lights on it like myself and prop it up on top of your alter or your record player! I love this DIY cause it appeals to witches and metal heads and guys and ghouls alike, and either way its bad-ass as fuck!           
So get painting and gluing, its fairly quick and easy DIY, and comes out awesome in the end! Let me know if you like this post or not and if you did it yourself! And if you did, send me a pic of it! I def. wanna see uses for it other than mine (:

happy craftin' ! - Jill

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